In a world that is becoming more difficult to understand, prepping and homesteading are becoming more practical. Having an emergency preparedness plan should be common place. So why is preparing for emergency considered crazy by mainstream media? Everyone becomes a critic. In response to the critics and the lack of emergency planning, preppers hide their […]

My grandparents used to sit in their kitchen and talk about the weather in a much different way than we do now. We say things like “it’s going to be a nice day” or “it will be a cold one”. When they talked about temperature it was in relation to how it effected the garden, […]

This morning when I looked at the weather app it was -23C (-10F) and the wind was blowing. Some might call this a blizzard but in Alberta it is known as poor driving conditions.  When it gets this cold and windy it is hard to keep warm when working or playing outside. Staying warm and […]

Getting stuck in traffic is a preppers nightmare. It is also the motivation to have a country location to escape to. Traffic will drive any sane person to dream of country roads. There will be no traffic there! Why do we hate traffic? No control over others drivers. Road conditions High, drunk, or texting drivers […]