51 Ideas For Prepper’s Bucket List

What would the world be like if we didn’t have a plan? What if we have a plan and never practice? With all the trolls and anti-preppers giving their opinion it might be easier to have a bucket list of regular activities that double as prepper skills.

51 Prepper’s Bucket List Ideas

  1. Camping trip using your bug out bag. Have a destination to get to in a certain time period.
  2. Run a half marathon. Fitness is important.
  3. Snowshoe winter hiking trip.
  4. Kayak or Canoe camping trip.
  5. Ride a horse, improve horsemanship.
  6. Learn to pack a horse or mule.
  7. Learn to drive a team of horses.
  8. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  9. Tie 20 different kinds of knots.
  10. Identify edible plants in your area.
  11. Eat from the 100 (or less) mile diet for a week.
  12. Buy a homeless person lunch. Ask them questions about surviving in the streets.
  13. Learn sign language.
  14. Learn Morris code.
  15. Sew by hand enough to repair everything.
  16. Drive a jet boat.
  17. Hike the surrounding area to where you live in every direction.
  18. Learn to use a sextant.
  19. Learn astrology so you can use a sextant,
  20. Join a gun club and learn to use a handgun, shotgun and rifle.
  21. Shoot a bow accurately.
  22. Use a slingshot accurately enough to hunt squirrels.
  23. Know how to catch and clean a fish.
  24. Train a dog.
  25. Know how to communicate on Ham radio. Five  yourself a cool Ham name.
  26. Hide in the bush, play hide and seek (but probables not with the police).
  27. Start a camp fire 5 different ways.
  28. Pick a lock.
  29. Drive a stick shift vehicle.
  30. Drive a semi-truck and trailer.
  31. Drive an old tractor.
  32. Drive a new high tech tractor.
  33. Back a trailer into a tight spot.
  34. Identify clean water. Filter water that is not safe.
  35. Learn ten different animal tracks.
  36. Preserve food in 5 different ways.
  37. Have a bug out cabin.
  38. Cache supplies on route to cabin.
  39. Grow a garden, and preserve the bounty of food.
  40. Keep honey bees and process the honey.
  41. Grow a honey bee flower garden.
  42. Meet other preppers. Respect their privacy.
  43. Fill an iPod full of your favorite music and photos. Also can add audiobooks.
  44. Learn to set up and maintain solar, wind, and micro hydro electricity systems.
  45. Butcher a deer, chicken, or beef. Know how to cut and wrap.
  46. Smoke meats and fish.
  47. How to store fuels and know which ones store longer.
  48. Know what clothes are warm and light weight. Test them.
  49. Go winter camping.
  50. Build an igloo.
  51. Learn what trees grow in your area and find out which ones make the best firewood. Cut and split a cord of wood to see how much that really is.

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About The Quiet Prepper

Prepping can be fun. With my background in agriculture and thirst for outdoor adventure, blogging it is a great way to share some of my knowledge with the prepper/survivalist community. This is a great hobby and way of life.