15 Reasons To Hate Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic is a preppers nightmare. It is also the motivation to have a country location to escape to. Traffic will drive any sane person to dream of country roads. There will be no traffic there!

Why do we hate traffic?

  1. No control over others drivers.
  2. Road conditions
  3. High, drunk, or texting drivers
  4. Being stuck on the road with a lot of unprepared people
  5. Road rage. Theirs or yours.
  6. Collisions
  7. Being this close to humans you don’t know and trusting their ability to navigate their vehicle safely through surrounding traffic and road conditions.
  8. The smell
  9. Parking lots
  10. Waiting for people to notice the light is green
  11. Taking three lights to get through an intersection
  12. Out of sync traffic lights
  13. Curbs you cant get your jeep over in a jam
  14. Pedestrians walking slowly and texting
  15. Leaners. These are those drivers that constantly lean on the rules; speed, take the space in front of big trucks, run the red, pass on the shoulder, text, park in handicap stall, and never seem to get caught.

There is a lot going on in traffic. We all know things happen fast and it takes courage to trust streets full of random drivers every day. If not the number one reason for leaving the city it has to be in the top five.

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Prepping can be fun. With my background in agriculture and thirst for outdoor adventure, blogging it is a great way to share some of my knowledge with the prepper/survivalist community. This is a great hobby and way of life.