Winter prepping

What if shtf in bad weather? How does that effect your plan? Many of the things preppers do happen in the warm weather. There are things that can be accomplished during cold weather. The obvious would be practice cold weather bug out plan, or cold weather survival drills. Deer season happens in late fall (November here) which forces deer hunters to learn how to cope with subzero temperatures. Skiers also have winter survival skills and some gear, preppers or not. Since lists are fun to read, here is a list of things you can do to prep for winter survival in a cold climate.

  1. Winter camping. There is a reason they sell four season tents. On the first trip out stay close to your vehicle in case you find out your new sleeping bag doesn’t keep you warm.
  2. Ice fishing. Also known as hut sitting.
  3. Food dehydrating. There are all kinds of things at the supermarket you could dehydrate. It is a great time to practice and using recipes for backpacking/bugging out. I freeze berries for the purpose of dehydrating them when I have downtime in the winter.
  4. Canning. Some food are still available for canning. Marmalade for example. The real problem is the price of food increases in winter. Roasting and coating nuts and storing in vacuum sealed containers make nice tasty protein snacks.
  5. Repack bug out bags. Clothes need to still fit, bug spray and first aid kits may need to be updated. Remain familiar with your gear and look for moisture and rodent damage.
  6. Check survival hoards. Look for cracked buckets, open lids, or frozen food (if your hoard is not supposed to freeze). Add to the hoard where it seems lacking. Rotate the food if necessary.
  7. Hunting in the late fall, or early spring.
  8. Downhill skiing. Great exercise, an excuse to have top quality winter wear, and high altitudes thicken your blood.
  9. Research. Long winter nights are made for reading books, practicing knots, and reading The Quiet Prepper posts.
  10. Indoor firearms training. There are a lot of nice indoor gun ranges around. The sport is growing even in places where the laws are getting tougher.
  11. Vacation. Even preppers need to take a break. If there isn’t a prepper vacation business out there then there should be. Hard core preppers might be taking that vacation at a cabin where they can build their dream or find ideas for their dream. Go dog sledding and norther lights viewing in Yellowknife in January. The locals there are experts on cold weather survival.
  12. Camp in your car overnight. Without the motor running (it will kill you). See what you need to be more comfortable and what you have that doesn’t work.
  13. Learn the guitar, find some fun card games, or other ways to entertain without electricity. Everyone should have some talent or ability.
  14. Go snowshoeing. Try different types of snowshoes. Add a backpack. Pull a sleigh.
  15. Go over your plan with your family or survival group. See what has changed.
  16. Build an igloo and/or snow fort.
  17. Get a second job and save up for the survival gear that you want.

Winter does not have to be a period of waiting. There are so many things to do before spring. It is a time for both reflection and planning. Keep warm!

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Prepping can be fun. With my background in agriculture and thirst for outdoor adventure, blogging it is a great way to share some of my knowledge with the prepper/survivalist community. This is a great hobby and way of life.