How to Escape a Garage

How do you get a garage door open when the motor doesn’t work?

Monday morning at 7am my overhead garage door was frozen shut. It is -27C with a nasty wind. The bottom of the overhead door was frozen to the cement and I didn’t notice until I hit the button on the remote. The motor pulled on the stuck door and then quit. Right away it was obvious what happened. A few taps on the bottom of the door should break the ice enough. I hit the remote again. The door didn’t budge but the support track the chain and guide are on sure did. It bowed down about a foot before I hit the button again to stop the motor. I had not idea the motor was that strong. Now I was mad and couldn’t think.

The motor had bent the track. I was not willing to see if it was going to work safetly with my truck sitting under it. I pulled on the door and tapped on the springs with a broom. That was pointless. Now what?

Phone a friend

“Hey I am stuck in the garage. How do I get this big door opened to get my truck out?”

My handy friend explained the simple procedure to free yourself from a garage.

  1. Find the rope that is attached to the metal bar. It’s at the top of the door in the middle.
  2. Pull the rope. It is attached to a little piece of metal that locks the door shut. The metal thing will click as it comes out.
  3. Manually lift the door. It’s not as heavy as you think. Pretty easy really.
  4. Drive the truck out of the garage.
  5. Manually pull the door down so it is closed.
  6. Go back to where the rope is and push the metal clip back into place. You need a ladder to reach it. It will click. This locks the door so no one outside can just lift it up and come in.
  7. The same thing applies if the power is out.

As a farm kid I am embarrassed that I had to ask for help with this. It’s really simple.

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