17 Prepper Uses for Scaffolding

As I was wandering the streets of Glasgow I noticed a six story high set of scaffolding up one building. Every major city I have been in has the same decor on a variety of its buildings. In Hong Kong they used bamboo scaffolding which was rather alarming.

20180627_1159003816983054262847053.jpgIn my prepper mind the ideas started rolling around. What a great idea for survival. That scaffolding could be used for a lot of things. Of course it would not be handy for bugging out but if you have a bug out location, or even in town, it can be used in different ways.

  1. Throw a tarp over one or two sets and it becomes a shelter.
  2. Build it 6 stories high in your back yard and have a great look out tower.
  3. Hunting platform
  4. Use three high and three wide with a tarp to cover it becomes a house.
  5. Raise the meat locker above predators.
  6. Adding small rooms or sleeping space/bunks inside a larger empty building.
  7. Use as the structure for a root cellar to store food.
  8. Help hold the roof up in an underground living situation
  9. Keeps your beer out of reach of small children, also a raised platform for gravity fed water systems.
  10. Keeps your sleeping bag off the frozen ground
  11. Strung together it can be a covered walkway.
  12. Next to a cliff it becomes a ladder
  13. Put it in a lake with net around it and catch fish.
  14. Moor a boat on top, or set in the water as a dock.
  15. Use as a fence for livestock. Close the sides in for a chicken coop.
  16. Build a wall around an encampment.
  17. Use as scaffolding is intended by maintaining or putting up buildings again.

When not needed the scaffolding stores in a pile all folded neatly. It is a commodity that can be sold or traded and uses are limited to the imagination. Although scaffolding might not make any top 10 survival lists, if you have some think about holding onto it.


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