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Getting stuck in traffic is a preppers nightmare. It is also the motivation to have a country location to escape to. Traffic will drive any sane person to dream of country roads. There will be no traffic there! Why do we hate traffic? No control over others drivers. Road conditions High, drunk, or texting drivers […]

What would the world be like if we didn’t have a plan? What if we have a plan and never practice? With all the trolls and anti-preppers giving their opinion it might be easier to have a bucket list of regular activities that double as prepper skills. 51 Prepper’s Bucket List Ideas Camping trip using […]

This morning when I crawled out of bed I was hit by the cold realization that I am not prepared. The internet was out, and my mobile phone would not connect. I don’t have another way to connect to the world to find out if this is the day. Somewhere in my unorganized pile of […]